2013 Birmingham National Champ Show 1st Day – Hound and Terrier

Today, 1st Day of Birmingham National 2013. The last 3 years it had been OK, but this year, it turned so windy and so cold and rained a lot!!!!! We were nearly blown off..... I had to tie 5 x 5 Litres of shampoo on each leg of my Gazebo! 

Today also, OurDogs News paper, WDS 2013 supplement was out. MD10 Ltd advert is on the good page at the back!!! Thank you! also thank all my clients who allowed me to use their photos.

I had a interesting feedback from my clients today.

PBGV uses MD10 Herbal Texture for their coarse coat, but if your PBGV is white, mix with MD10 White Texture, it will bring out the white really well. Apparently it works better than using MD10 White Texture only. Interesting, and thank you very much for your knowledge.

MD10 Herbal Texture
Ultimate Coarse, Harsh
Terrier Coat

MD10 White Texture
Black & White
Texture Coat

MD10 Products are available on our online shop, www.md10shop.eu
You can also call to order on 020 8661 7703 (UK)
If you are abroad, and see the nearest Dealer with you, check out 

After the windy and cold day I am freeeeeezing still even after the dinner. 

Good night now and look forward to tomorrow's show. I hope my Gazebo will be there tomorrow morning when I get there!
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