5 more days to CRUFTS 2013, MD10 will be in the Hall-5, near Hall-5 Entrance

CRUFTS 2013 is next week, and I am not 100% ready, Help!

CRUFTS is something very special for me, yes, for many breeders too. But in the last 3,4 years it is always when my Birthday is....

The one of the last thing I needed to do was to update my brochure. Something easier for my potential clients to see what is the benefit of MD10 Collection straight away.

One of the main benefit is of course, Top Quality Shampoo which designed for "Different Coat Types and Needs" and each shampoo gives different effect. Second is the Quality of MD10 Conditioner is exceptionally great for Super Untangling, Silky Long Coat, and Volume Coat such as Poodle, and Bichon Frise to do Accurate Scissoring.

A lot of Breeder thinks MD10 Conditioner is The Best Conditioner for Dogs.

The following is the Great News from My Bolognese Clients, Grata Franklin. Her dog is always immaculate, and she is a great groomer with special care. She tells all her puppy owners to look after their Bolognese Coat using MD10 Texture Shampoo & MD10 Texture Volume Conditioner.

Greta Franklin's dogs are always immaculate and perfect, due to her grooming passion. She explains how important to groom the dogs specially like Bolognese for their comfort. That is why she does so well too. This was latest news from her.
Blackpool Toy Dog Open Show my home bred Bolognese Pippa -Starexpress Fantastica won BOB. Missy aged 8 months - Starexpress Italian Skies Won Best Puppy & Res Best Puppy in Show.

Well, I am exhausted, so go to rest tonight now, cuddling time with my Spanish Water Dog Boris...Of course Boris uses MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo too!!!

Boris the SWD is on the MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo Label
Why? Because it is the Best Shampoo for Spanish Water Dog indeed

Keep update for more from Crufts 2013.
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