Great News Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo, MD10 at LKA 2012, NEC Birmingham

15, 16 December this weekend was LKA 2012 at NEC Birmingham. (Ladies Kennel Club Championship Show) 

This is the last champ show of a year and has a Christmas feeling to it!

Brian and Noriko on Train to NEC, I love NEC,
because it is very well designed for public transport

Only small stand I had at LKA, so may be we were hiding...

Thank you very much for coming to see us, and sorry it was hidden away and many clients did not know we were there! My client saw me and said "was told you were not here, Noriko!"

I had a lots of good feedbacks and great news from my clients;

1) Herbal Texture for Deer Hound who wanted coarse coat, Schnauzers, etc

2) Powder Puff won Best Puppy

Powder Puff is the one of the dog I am very interested in getting if I have a chance,
I never knew about this breed before I started to sell MD10 shampoo at dog shows!

Mia was so cute, and I could spot her from distance how cute this little dog was....
then she gave me a great news Best Puppy!

3) LKA The Toy Group which is a big numbers of dogs to compete with, the BOG winner was a beautiful Carla, Chihuahua! She is of course MD10 Silky Smooth User. 

Such a beauty Carla, Best Chihuahua, BOG Toy 2012 at LKA

4) The Capturine Anti Red shampoo also got good feedbacks from Mouth Stain, Licking Stain of Bernies Mountain Dogs, Shih Tzu etc

MD10 Anti Red shampoo will be out soonm at the moment, it is testing stage. Anybody who would like to test, please let me know.

Best Shampoo for Coarse Coat DogSuch as Dear Hound,
Alaskan Malamute,
Schnauzer, Sky Terriers...

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