Great Succes so far at Manchester Champion Dog Show 2013, MD10 Professional Dog Shampoo

It was very cold and snowy day
I was glad I made it, but surprised it was busy!
2nd Day, Manchester 2013, Toy and Utility.
Despite the snow, I was impressed many people turned up. I was very happy and comfortable upstairs. Quite a lot of my clients had to give up, but I had many great news today alone, followed by BOB of West Highland Terrier. 

Japanese Chin, Yuji was BOB! Congratulations!
Yuji uses MD10 White Silky Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner Silky Smooth. His coat is so silky and he was so cuddly too!

Also Sheralee's Yorkshire Terrier was BOB, Best Puppy, 4 times in a row. 
Then, Virginia's Bolognese was BOB, and I was so happy for all of them. 

Great to see few of my clients on Group judging is great
It is supposed to have more snow tomorrow on Pastral and Working day. I hope everybody have safe journey, if they decide to come. 

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