Letter from House of Commons !? – What is the best shampoo for Badgers?

Today's Blog - it is not about dogs.... 

I received a letter in a envelope says "House of Commons" - and my partner and friend were exited thinking I have done something wrong! - cheeky sods.

I have been following the argument that all Badgers (see the animal's photo below) are allowed to be shot because there is a fear that they bring TB in cows.

One of my friend Rosamund who's parents started Strict Organic Farm in Broadway Cotswold more than half century ago, used to tell me that NONE OF HER FARM ANIMALS SUFFERED FOOT AND MOUTH, TB AND OTHER SO CALLED concentrated modern farming illness - NEVER!!! : at the height of the Foot and Mouth epidemic in the UK. http://kitesnest.blogspot.co.uk/

I am not specialist regarding animal health but after I learnt that some of those affected farm animals were fed with other animal parts (Yuck!!!!), I was convinced how stupid the way we are sometime regarding making money out of animals in the wrong way. Sheep, Cows are vegetarians!
You can not against 100% to nature. They are cruel sometime to humans, but they are not stupid neither.

There are many so called Campaign Website to tell you to send emails and messages to the MPs, government, and 38 Degrees is one of them. Quite often, their issues are about politics I can relate to my opinions. But never thought their message gets to the MPs really.....

However, the letter I received about this Against Badger Culling in the UK from local MP with formal letterhead convinced the their People Power actually works. It can be done from ease of our PC, so it is worth trying. Obviously, local MP does not want to loose his seat, so, he try to be nice to support people like me, who cares about environment, nature and love animals! Ha ha ha! 

Therefore anybody who agree their Petition, I recommend to do that. It is better to do something you believe, rather than sit and ignore and complains without any actions. 

For farmers, I do understand it is so hard to survive these days doing farming. Government say one thing then next month they say another thing. You lost money listening them sometime. Even Rosamund finds it very hard to survive. Lot of farmers just sell their lands if they are in the great spot and give all up.... 

"I would like to have a country so that local farmers can survive with looking after the countryside and benefit from animals and nature. I wonder the day would ever comes?"

Image is from BBC the link below

For now because there is not enough scientific evidence after all to cull Budgers regarding TB, so they were given one more year to survive without being shot. From Japanese point of view, they look so beautiful, and they are one of the British thing for me..... So hope everything goes well with this argument!

Will keep updated!

Oh yes, by the way, what is the Best Shampoo for Badgers?

I think..... MD10 White Texture Shampoo is the Best Shampoo for Badgers, keeping the contrast of the coat color, and giving nice texture and shine to the coat!

MD10 Texture Shampoo for Badgers!
Some clients uses on their Guinea Pigs and results are great!
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