MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo at Richmond Dog Show 2012, First day

Beautiful Day - I want this weather to last for months!

Boris is now getting better with sales talk

Richmond Dog show 2012, 1st day, Toy and Hounds

I had to get up 5:15 to come here by 7:00am. You can imagine how sleepy I was. But today was good day.

Even though it was relatively quiet, I have met many new clients, to convert them into MD10 user. It is interesting still many people does not know us. I told them that please listen to me with open mind.... even you don't know me that does not mean this shampoo is not good, actually, this will be the best thing you ever purchased!

Actually Lisa with Lhasa Apso, when she purchased our shampoo and conditioner, she was so impressed with them, and she said on her FB message that this was the best money spent!

Please double click this photo, you can see how MD10 has been helping NEO's coat since he was puppy. He is still 2 years old, but the coat is great. Owner told me that he has ONLY won BIS, BOB, 1st and 2nd this year, nothing else. She thinks MD10 is Best Dog Shampoo and Conditioner for Papillon! Thank you for coming to show NEO...

This owner of Saluki bought MD10 White Silky Smooth and MD10 Silky Smooth Conditioner from us at City of Birmingham. He came to tell me that how great the products are, and he said it was the Best Dog Shampoo for his Saluki So far, It calmed down the coat and gave extra shine.

Other news was my dear client's Yorkshire Terrier was BOB today. It is great to hear that such a poplar breed but get such a great results. Her dog was shone like a silk!

Another news, yes today I had many great news, King Charles owner - at City of Birmingham after she tried MD10 White Silky Smooth Shampoo and MD10 Silky Smooth Conditioner - her puppy was BP, and Group 3rd Puppy! Congrats!

I was so tired and looked tired too, but happy with my baby Boris!

Thank you for everybody who came to tell me the great news, as well as new clients.

Let's see what tomorrow brings!


MD10 White Silky Shampoo
Best shampoo for White, Black and tri color Silky Smooth Coated Dogs

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