The Leeds Dog show is really nice and warm, I think this is the first time ever for me to wear shorts at the dog show. The real summer is back in the UK. I have to enjoy when I can.

Few good change of design of 500ml Conditioner Tab. Before they used to filled half using 1,000ml Tab. Now more compact and Completely Sealed!

Another new arrival is "MD10 BLACK TEXTURE VOLUME" AND "MD10 BLACK SILKY SMOOTH" They contain Grounded Charcoal, so, it is also has good cleaning power.
They are already in stock.

First Day of Leeds 2013 had a good news from Beaded Collie Puppy.

Bearded Collie uses depending on their coat and parts. Some say Best Dog Shampoo for Bearded Collie! Yahoo!

* MD10 Texture Collagen
* MD10 White Texture
* MD10 Herbal Texture

Also I have many news but I will write later - it's bed time!!!

I will have GREAT NEWS ON SALUKI'S SPECIAL SHOW RESULTS! again, some say Best Dog Shampoo for Saluki... yes...
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