MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo, what I have been doing in November

I have not done dog shows since South Wales Kennel Association Champ Show in Mid October. Then I thought I have November to do all sorts of things to be done. But I realised I have not achieve as much I wanted....

However, few news.

I have now exclusive distributor in Poland. The owner's wife has been using my products for a while and she was very happy - and decided they distribute MD10 Collection, Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo in Poland. Well, yes, as she thinks it is Best Shampoo for her dog so far....

I will properly introduce the company in the near future. Also I may have agent in South Africa soon. One more exciting news is I may have the first Pet shop to stock MD10 collection. 

I will keep you updated!


I received a photo from my long time client - who I filmed her 50th Birthday party 10 years ago, and I filmed her 60th Birthday this year, at the end of September at Hampton Court Palace in Surrey. (The Henry the 8th's house.... posh, very nice) - which is one of the rare photo of me working!!!!!! I will treasure this!

The Camera looks HUGE!
PS- Anne of the Big Pow Embroidery asked me if I used MD10 Shampoo for my Mike Cover!!!! May be good idea, actually.... Anne does lovely Shirts and everything to do with Embroidery. 

Try! I am waiting for new winter MD10 Jacket with Boris' embroidery! Can not wait! 

See you at LKA with my new jacket?
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