MD10 Professional Dog / Pet Grooming Shampoo at 2nd Day, Birmingham National Champshow 2013 – Gundogs

Second day - Gundog - Birmingham National Champshow, Stafford

It has been cold and wet, windy, so not many people were about!!! I am really regretting not bringing DAWN jacket.... Hot drinks needed all the time.

However, few of my client came to told me the great news. Pointer came in 3rd on MD10 White Silky Smooth, Lagotto Reserve Best, good results on Golden Retrievers as usual. Thank you very much for coming to see me.

This 15months Golden Retriever is rather doing very well

MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo is getting rather popular by Golden Retriever owners. The reason is to give the dog's coat great texture, feel and look. One other Golden client told me that everybody admire the dog's coat.

Lagotto Romagnolo looks so much like
Spanish Water Dog, head is very different

Today, Mandy's Lagotto got Reserve Best of Breed. She was delighted. She washed her dog yesterday using MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo, then today, the judge commented how good his coat felt, and looked. So Can I say Best Dog Shampoo for Lagotto Romagnolo. 

Also Pointer did very well, become 3rd, on MD10 White Silky Smooth Shampoo.
MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo
Lagotto, Spanish Water Dog
Curly Coated Retriever is good with this

MD10 White Silky Smooth is great shampoo
for Black, White Dog such as Springer Spaniel
even short coat such as Pointer, Dalmatian
MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo
Getting very popular among
Golden Retriever, any short coat gun dogs
by giving great shine with looking after
its skin and coat.

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