MD10 Professional Dog Shampoo is getting great response from all over the world

Boris and I decided to enjoy the sunny September day
Sometime, it is important to be outside of my office for him, just chillin'...
I have been busy recently and did not have much chance to enjoy the day out with my beloved Spanish Water Dog Boris. Yesterday was too nice to stay-in working, we decided to go for a long stroll in Epsom downs - due to the Horse race, we could not go into the field, but instead, we found a great spot which we could see the panorama of London with clover flowers underneath of us. So we just sat there for a while and enjoyed each other's company.

More and more I sent MD10 Professional Dog Shampoo and Conditioners to abroad. Then each time my clients uses, I receive positive messages, thanks to easy usage of Face Book. Here are some of the recent message on FB from my clients.

"We bathed him today and tried the MD10 conditioner for the first time. It's had a great effect, his curls are much more defined now and he smells gorgeous - I can't stop hugging him!"

"Hi Noriko! Many thanks for the products and for fast delivery. I love the new conditioner! It smells beautiful and the coat got very smooth and easy brush. " 

"I tried cosmetic on my cesky now. This is great! " 

"dear Noriko, your shampoo achieved and is great! Thank you!!... honeys coat looks like silk and her brown colour is so much better "

Our new conditioner "Conditioner Super Hydration" has been accepted very greatly. I am wondering may be most of long coat breed may benefit from this our Best Dog Conditioner.

For long coat breed, Super Hydration, Yorkshire Terrier, and Silky Smooth is the Best Shampoo depending on the coat condition. So you can also choose MD10 Conditioner Super Hydration depending the condition too. Best suited for Afghan Hound, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Yorkshire Terrier.

Creator's Yorkshire Terrier
He is not show dog, but you can see what
MD10 Conditioner Super Hydration gave the coat shine!

We are proud of this new MD10 Conditioner Super Hydration - Best Dog Conditioner for Silky Coat on the Market, which is enriched with Moroccan Oil and Jojoba Oil. 
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Best Dog Conditioner for Silky Coat
Suitable for Yorkie, Afghan, Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Beaded Collie and so on
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