MD10 Professional Dog Shampoo support West Highland Terrier BOB at Manchester Champion Dog Show 2013, Day 1 Terrier & Hound

Manchester Champion Dog Show in Stafford Show ground. The first show of the year 2013. Thank you very much for the support in 2012, and I will try and make sure I will look after my clients as much as possible.

I'm very happy for my clients with West Highland Terrier who has got BOB, and 16th ticket today. She has been using MD10 White Texture for sometime now. Big congratulations!

Griffon, harsh coat came to show the dog who was bathed last night with MD10 Texture Herbal.
She likes MD10 Texture Herbal because it doesn't make the coat soft after shampooing, therefore she can wash the night before without worrying about the coat.
Great Harsh shampoo. Now I have converted few Basset Griffon owners into MD10 Herbal Texture user.

Saluki, who has got reserve ticket today at 16 Months of age, her owner was very happy with Silky shampoo and conditioner. MD10 conditioner is leave in, no-rinse type, therefore she can spray lightly to keep the coat extra soft and shine between the show.

I'm writing this blog using my iPod but mobile blogger is bit poor programme. So excuse for the layout etc.

Today I was confident that MD10 White Texture is one of best dog shampoo for West Highland Terrier. (Westy), and MD10 Herbal Texture is one of best dog shampoo for Basset Griffon

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