MD10 LTD is proud to announce the arrival of MD10 HORSE SHAMPOO.

You can expect the High Quality of MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo.
Some already says "MD10 Horse Shampoo is the Best Horse Shampoo".

Shown above is First 3 Horse Shampoo to be introduced, 1 more Exciting Horse Shampoo to follow.

Photo from Left;

MD10 Horse Shampoo
For Ultimate Hydration to the Coat and Skin.
Helps dry skin and the coat, reviving the coat color.

MD10 Horse Shampoo
High Content of Biotine 4.1%
For Healthy Strong Coat with Natural Shine, reviving the coat color.
Nourishes and strengthens the hair from its root.
Helps to clear dandruff and to heal Seborrhea.

MD10 Horse Shampoo
Helps Calming Itchy amp; Irritated Skin caused by Insects bites.
Antiseptic, Antifungal and Antibiotic

Available at;

We have 2 weeks until next dog show, which will be LEEDS dog show in North, from 26 - 28 July. I am still very busy, but also try to enjoy the limited Summer in the UK, which arrived at last!!!! Hope this lasts... Lavender is delayed more than one month due to the cold weather in the UK this spring and summer.
I will visit the site as much as I can, Spanish Water Dog Boris enjoy the aroma, and he feels relaxed too!

I will report about 2 more new shampoo next.
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