MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo’s fragrance is now back to "Tee" again, which was everybody’s favorite!

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The New Fragrance of MD10 Texture is Seville Orange, which creator thought it is rather nice..... But for some UK clients, it was rather too sweet. Some clients liked new fragrance, but I want to make everybody happy.


Now MD10 Texture Volume Shampoo's fragrance went back to "Tee", which was the original fragrance we started! 

Great thing of MD10 Ltd is that we take our client's opinion very seriously, and take action very quickly too. That is the one of beauty of being small company rather than multi million company. (I wish)

Thank you for my clients who mentioned that to me without hesitation, rather than abandoning me! Obviously, the shampoo itself is Great Shampoo for Spanish Water Dog, but fragrance is very important as well too.


I decided to have my winter Jacket made for the dog show when it is cold. 

As you know most of dog shows in the UK is out door, therefore even during the summer time, depending on the weather and time, I need wind rain proof jacket. I had fleece, but that is not very cool looking thing. I love to look nice at the stand. So I asked Anne of Big Paw Embroidery for help...

This time I wanted something to do with Spanish Water Dog, so Anne asked me to send her the photo of Boris' head. But I found this beautiful photo of my baby Boris, and decided to have this photo to be embroidered on front. I will show off once I have the jacket from Anne.... She can do embroidery for anything as long as you can draw. She is so talented and I can not wait!

Beautiful Spanish Water Dog,. Boris...
He looks truly pretty in this photo. I used this photo for the label of one of our shampoo called MD10 Texture Volume. The reason I am selling MD10 is I have met the breeder in Spain who recommended this shampoo, for the nice curly coat. He told me that is good for SWD. But I did not know anything about dog shampoo, I did not believe them at all!!!

But he gave me some, and after I tried MD10 Texture Volume shampoo on my Boris, The Spanish Water Dog - yes, now I am selling this world wide. As he told me "Spanish Water Dog changes your life once you have one"- became reality.

When I tried on him, I took before and after photo - which was incredibly impressive results. His curly coat had a proper curl !!! The photo above was one of the photo I took after the shampoo. I was looking at this yesterday, and realised how straight his back is. This is real good standard. Now I see many SWD with arched back - but my baby Boris has beautiful back bone!!!
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