Richmond Dog Show 2012, 3rd Day Gun Dog, Utility!

Today was last day - 3rd day at Richmond Dog Show 2012, Gun Dog, Utility.

Great weather again.

Nice to be with Boris all the time!....

But he was making funny face resting his nose on the cage bar...
1) Flat Coated Retriever on MD10 White Silky Smooth.
The dog looked very shiny with healthy coat, and black!

2) Look at this beautiful Tibetan Terrier Junior, who uses MD10 Texture Collagen. 
Owner told me that the Shampoo and Silky Smooth Conditioner made the coat nice and straight, without effort, and she was impressed. Another Client who said "Best Shampoo and conditioner for Tibetan Terrier!" Thank you!!!

3) English Springer Spaniel on MD10 Silky Smooth Shampoo 
The dog's coat is just like mirror and brings the color beautifully, looking at Best.
The owner was very impressed how MD10 Shampoo helped the one of her Dry Coat dog into better looking coat as well.

4) Beautiful Toy Poodle, Spice on MD10 Texture Shampoo and MD10 Conditioner Volume.
She looks amazing and beautiful. She has been winning a lot and lot this year! Great Milk Chocolate color. Thank you Lindsay!

The photo below is from one of client with the one of best Golden Retriever in the UK, and MD10 Shampoo Super Hydration is getting popular among Golden Retriever breeders as a one of Best Shampoo for the breed. 
The benefit of the MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo on Golden Retriever is to give a lot of nutrition to the coat and skin, and calm the coat along the body nicely after the shampoo, not making fluffy!

Thank you!!!

The Lady bird was again blessing our stand this morning too...
Now the show is out until October at South Wales Show. I have many things I have to sort out in my office.... Thank you for everybody who came to see us at stand, new clients and my royal clients! Love to see you soon!
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