Top Dog on MD10 Professional Dog Shampoo – Best Dog Shampoo for Lhasa Apso

Hello from Cold London..... Waiting for Spring
Happy Chinese New Year, 2013 is year of Snake. I am Japanese and in Japan, they changed calender as European, therefore we don't have old calender as we used to like Chinese one. I think in old days, the New Year meant Spring which was nicer.... By writing this, I just remembered 9 February 2012 is the day MD10 Ltd was created. Tomorrow is my MD10 Ltd's 2nd Birthday!! - emotional..... LTD has special meaning for me, called "Business Owners Responsibility"

Over the last 3 years, I have met a lot of great clients with fantastic dog. And last few months, I suddenly had few new agents in Europe and in Africa. Great suprises. Most of them are MD10 users, they were so impressed (just like I was) then became MD10 Stockiest. Therefore I am confident that they would be able to promote well. I am in the position to assist them as much as possible for MD10's World Wide Growth.

The latest MD10 Agent in Poland,, the Owner has beautiful and incredible Winning Record Lhasa Apso. 

The Best Dog Shampoo for Lhasa Apso, she applause MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo and MD10 Conditioner Super Hydration.

Karizma Beauty 8 Champions Titles , International Champion last Week CAC

Siward Black Knight Lhamco Laco 27 Champion Titles
OMG 27 Champion Titles!!
And further too many winning not to fit in this space.
He is on MD10 Super Hydration

This baby is top as well.
English Crested Number one in Poland. MD10 Super Hydration.
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