Why you choose MD10 Super Hydrating Shampoo on Short coat dogs, for shiny healthy coat. The best dog shampoo for short coat dogs.

1st Day at SKA 2012.... 3 sides open, so I had to think what to put where!!! My stand always looks different depending my mood and idea!!! ha ha ha!

I found a great Stool in a antique shop in Carshalton
Love antique.... and this is really exactly what I've been looking for!

Day of working and pastoral. 
Usually people with short coat breed doesn't realize that MD10 Super Hydration makes change to their coat. It gives good hydrations and resulting very healthy shiny coat. 
One Dogue de Bordeaux client was so amazed, and now they are converted to MD10 user!

Purchase from here;

So, just try on your short coat dog! 

As soon as I wrote on my FB, my lovelylyyy clients wrote on my post. Thank you!

"I have used it on my short coat dog for a while now and am very impressed! Highly recommended xxx And very white on our brindle dogs with white chests"

Today was strange weather, shower and the sunshine
but surely getting colder ready for autumn
Country side here is truly beautiful. Shame I can not go for walk or anything..... The sun on the hill is beautiful in the early evening, reminds me of South of Spain and Japan...

Boris is used to this room now
Last night some how Boris did not settle in the hotel room, he never left my side wherever I go, and kept waking me up all night. (sounds like I am with young man in a bed room, ha?)

Today he is very relaxed, I think I will sleep well tonight and get ready for tomorrow!!!

See you guys!
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